NHP Tranquil Support

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A unique formulation of specially selected nutrients for those trying to manage a busy lifestyle in today’s stressful world.

It contains all the B vitamins with extra B5 (stress relief and energy), magnesium (relaxation and sleep), chromium (blood sugar balance), curcumin (antioxidant and anti-inflammatory), Siberian ginseng (balance), L-theanine (stress and anxiety) and aloe vera (digestion, immune support).

Free From Sugar, Gluten, Starch, Soya, Wheat, Dairy, GMOs, Fillers, Binders, Anti-caking Agents, Artificial Sweeteners, Flavours, Colours, Preservatives.

Nutrients in their most bioavailable form to aid absorption.

Vegan and Vegetarian Society registered, Kosher and Halal approved.

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