Slightly Different Low FODMAP, Gluten Free & Vegan Tomato Relish 188g

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Rich sweet tomatoes with a slight smokey and chilli kick. Delicious when added to sandwiches, salads, burgers a great accompaniment to BBQ's.

Typical values per 100g
Energy: 75kcal/316kJ
Fat: 0.2g
of which saturates: 0.0g
of which monounsaturates: 0.0g
of which polyunsaturates: 0.0g
Carbohydrates: 16.5g
of which sugars: 16.0g
Fibre: 0.8g
Protein: 1.1g
Salt: 0.60g
Total Fructans <0.2g
GOS <0.1g
Lactose <0.1g
Glucose 9.3g
Fructose 9.5g
Sorbitol <0.1g
Mannitol <0.1g

INGREDIENTS: Tomatoes (57%), Gherkins, Cider Vinegar, Brown Sugar, Sultanas, Tomato Puree (3%), Black Treacle, Glucose, Asafoetida, Salt, Chilli Powder, Smoked Paprika, Black Pepper, Citric Acid

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