Raw Gorilla Keto Chocolate Granola

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keto—low carb 6g— high in protein 15—fibre rich—no added sugar—no toxins or additives —vegan— paleo friendly —gluten & grain free —activated—raw—high quality fairly traded ingredients—unrefined—unprocessed—100% natural & organic

sweet, but naturally so! -using ingredients known for their prebiotic & low or zero carbohydrate values.

free from grain & gluten, dairy, wheat, oats, soy, preservatives and toxins.
Soil Association Organic Certified and Vegan Society Certified
use as a delicious breakfast in a bowl with coconut yogurt & fruits, or as a sweet snack, a savoury crunchy addition to salads and other dishes, or as a traditional granola or pour straight into your mouth.

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