Organic Coffee & Walnut Nut Butter 180g

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A caffeinated, keto, low sugar coffee & walnut spread blended with pumpkin seeds and coconut. Unsuitable for children or pregnant women due to caffeine content of 37.5mg per 100g. Keto Vegan Organic No Added Sugar No Added Oil High Fibre Low Sugar Low Carb Plastic-Free Packaging Peanut-Free Gluten-Free 180g net. 6 month shelf-life remaining, minimum. Organic Ingredients: (allergens in CAPITALS): WALNUTS (35%), coconut, pumpkin seeds, ground coffee beans (2.5%) & unrefined salt*. (*= verified non-organic). May contain traces of SESAME or other NUTS. We use a gorgeous, rich blend coffee from Ethiopia, roasted by Wogan Coffee in Bristol. NUTRITION / 100g: Kj 2732 Calories 661 Fat (saturated): 58.6 (18.9)g Carbohydrate (sugars): 18.4 (2.9)g Fibre 8.2g Protein 19.1g Salt 0.09g Caffeine 37.5mg

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