Nutural World Nut Butter Mini Jar Collection (4 Pack)

Flavour: Almond & Coconut Spread
Texture: Smooth
Include a flattened gift box: Yes
Sale price£2.50


4 mini jars (35g) of amazingly delicious nut butters. Choose any 4 jars from Nutural World's extraordinary nut/seed butter range, select your texture preference and receive an attractive gift package ideal for any gift occasion. Perfect gift for Xmas and any other festive occasion – or just a nice gesture to your loved ones. IMPORTANT: To get the gift packaging you need to select 4 (FOUR) mini jars. If you select less, you will just get the mini jars, if more - you will get a gift packaging for every multiple of four jars. Excellent source of vitamins and minerals, these highly nutritious nut butters are healthy and enjoyable on their own (try them on freshly toasted bread) or as an ingredient in other dishes. Nutural World's nut butters are vegan friendly and contain no oil, sugar/syrup, salt or any artificial additives of any kind. They are produced in very small batches, ensuring that each jar is given equal attention to make them absolutely delicious every time. Shelf life: 4 months Free delivery for UK mainland, Northern Ireland and Scottish Highlands only.

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