LioBites Taster Box - 15 Packs - 4 Flavours

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LioBites Taster Box - try all our delicious fruit crisps before you find your favourite. LioBites Taster Box consists of 4 x Strawberry Crisps, 4 x Apple crisps, 4 x Banana crisps and 3 x Orange Crispy bits. LioBites are freeze-dried fruit crisps full of nutrients and antioxidants. LioBites are plant based, vegan friendly. LioBites are free from nuts, tree nuts, sulphites and and GMO. ALLERGEN-DECLARATION- MILK AND LACTOSE ( STRAWBERRY, BANANA, APPLE) Banana, Apple and Strawberry LioBites does not contain allergens or ingredients with allergen potential according EU regulation 2011/1169 and ALBA List. Milk and lactose are used on site in a different line. The risk of cross contamination is under control and verificated by analysis. Due to this we consider labelling "traces of" is not necessary. ALLERGEN-DECLARATION- MILK AND LACTOSE ( ORANGE) - LACTOSE AND MILK FREE ALL LIOBITES ARE PACKED IN A FACTORY HANDLING GLUTEN.

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