LioBites Freeze-Dried Apple Crisps - Box of 15 Packs

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LioBites freeze-dried apple crisps are made from Granny Smith apples with skin on for added fibre benefits. Natural taste and no added sugar make this LioBites favourite healthy snacking option for kids and adults. Crunchy, naturally sweet fries like shapes appeal to fussy eaters and 1 packet serves as 1 of your 5 a day. Only 38 Kcal per pack. Plant based and vegan friendly sweet and tangy snack. Free from all major allergens including nuts, tree nuts, soya and sulphites. Also free from dairy and gluten ( PLEASE NOTE THIS PRODUCT IS MADE IN A FACTORY HANDLING DAIRY AND PACKED IN A FACTORY HANDLING GLUTEN.) ALLERGEN-DECLARATION MILK AND DAIRY Apple crisp does not contain allergens or ingredients with allergen potential according EU regulation 2011/1169 and ALBA List. Milk and lactose are used on site in a different line. The risk of cross contamination is under control and verificated by analysis. Due to this we consider labelling "traces of" is not necessary.

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