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Fruity, refreshing, revitalizing and uplifting
Sanatio Naturalis Sicilian Lemon (Citrus limon) is a pure therapeutic-quality aromatherapy essential oil, and is cold-pressed from the rind of the fruit. Our finest essential oils are ethically and sustainably sourced, elegantly packaged in Sanatio Naturalis signature gift box.

The Harvest
Why Are They So Good?
It all starts with the raw materials. Zesty, fresh and fruity, Sanatio Naturalis Lemon, grown in Siracusa, in southern Italy, boasts a unique and sunny quality. Our exceptional lemons are cultivated in a traditional way, and hand-pick the fruit with care. We worked directly with the producer, a family business, founded in 1926, the traditions, skills, expertise and cultivation techniques have been handed down from generation to generation, now at the fourth generation. Today we still rely on old techniques for pruning, fertilization, and irrigation.
Geological and climatic conditions give our ingredients exceptional qualities and makes them unique. Our lemon contains at least 34% of juice, rich in Vitamin C and citric acid. Its aromatic, fine-grained peel with abundant oil-producing glands gives the highest-quality essential oils. Most of our lemons are harvested between October and May, when the oils are at their best.
It takes 3,000 lemons to produce one kilo of Lemon Essential Oil.
Our lemons are organic, too.

Testing for Purity
Sanatio Naturalis finest essential oils are 100% pure and natural, therapeutic grade. Comprehensive analyses and quality controls are performed, including:
Optical rotation
Refraction index

Aromatic Description
Citrus, fresh, fruity, zesty

Therapeutic Properties
Antiseptic, antibacterial, antioxidant, astringent, cleansing, refreshing, revitalizing and uplifting

This uplifting and fruity oil helps to clear the mind, and lift the spirits, reduce stress and fatigue. Simply add 3 – 5 drops to an essential oil burner or aroma diffuser for a bright, joyful and citrus scent. Lemon Essential Oil blends beautifully with Sweet Orange, Lavender, Geranium, Frankincense, Ylang Ylang, and Ginger.

Lemon Essential Oil is a key ingredient in many hair and skin care products. Its antiseptic and astringent properties are great for greasy and acne-prone skin. Make Lemon part of your beauty routine, adding a drop to your face cream to reduce the appearance of blemishes, awaken dull skin and promote a glowing complexion, or to conditioner and DIY hair masques to give your hair a smoother, shinier look.

Lemon Essential Oil boosts the immune system and cleanses the body, stimulates the body’s defences against bacterial and viral infections, colds and flu, especially when blended together with Tea Tree.

Lemon has a tonic effect on the circulatory system and aids lymphatic cleansing. Used in massage, it helps to boost circulation and reduce cellulite and varicose veins. It is a traditional remedy for the treatment of broken capillaries visible on the skin.

How to Use Lemon Essential Oil

Happiness Diffuser
The bright, joyful scent of citrus essential oils are used in aromatherapy to energize, enliven the spirit and boost overall mood. Geranium and Ylang Ylang help to balance emotions and feel more positive.
2 drops Sweet Orange Essential Oil
2 drops Lemon Essential Oil
2 drops Geranium Essential Oil
1 drop Ylang Ylang Essential Oil
Add in a diffuser.

Relaxing Lemon & Lavender Bath Salts
100% natural sea salts infused with pure therapeutic Lemon and Lavender Essential Oil help to soothe tired muscles, relax and unwind before bedtime.
1 cup Dead Sea Salts
5 drops Lemon Essential Oil
5 drops Lavender Essential Oil
Run a warm bath and sprinkle in one or two generous spoonfuls of salt crystals. Soak in, relax, and enjoy.

Mouth wash
Mix a few drops of Lemon Essential Oil into a cup of warm water, gargle for 30 seconds help relieve sore throat and Bad Breath. Do not swallow.

Lemon Fresh Linen Wash
Simply add 10 drops of Lemon Essential Oil to your wash to naturally brighten your whites, leaving your linen with a fresh, clean scent!

Household Cleaner and Room Spray
Uplifting and Purifying. A great natural disinfectant for your home.
20 drops Lemon Essential Oil
10 drops Tea Tree Essential Oil
A teaspoon of White Vinegar
Add to a 250ml spray bottle filled with distilled water. Shake well. Use to cleanse the surfaces and refresh the air.

Revitalise & Glow Essence Oil
Enriched with Lemon, Geranium and Lavender, this nourishing formula removes impurities, balances your complexion, and diminishes fine lines and age spots. Skin is naturally revitalized, hydrated and radiant.
1 drop Lemon Essential Oil
1 drop Lavender Essential Oil
1 drop Geranium Essential Oil
15ml Jojoba Beauty Oil
To use: Gently shake to activate. Smoothing 2 – 3 drops over face, neck, and décolleté. Avoid eye area.

Cold pressed Lemon Essential Oil is phototoxic. Do not use on skin exposed to direct sunlight.

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