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Wonderfully delicate white tea, combined with skin-loving ingredients including jasmine and marigold to nourish the senses and naturally promote beautiful skin.
Hydrate – Glow – Revitalise – Cleanse – Calm – Soothe

Glowing, beautiful skin starts within. We believe in the concept of inner and outer beauty. Sanatio Naturalis Wellness Tea Collection contains skin-loving ingredients including jasmine, marigold and white tea, designed to support overall wellbeing, and beautiful skin from the inside out.
Rare and delicate white tea leaves are picked in early spring, and hand-tied into a precious bouquet with blossoms of marigold, jasmine and globe amaranth.
Deliciously light and delicate, each tea bulb will unfurl and blossom on infusion to create a beautiful flower that will delight the senses. Sit back and enjoy a pretty flower garden in your cup. An extraordinary Sanatio Naturalis Wellness Tea creation.
Rich in antioxidants, this wellness tea contains all natural plant-based ingredients and helps to rejuvenate body, mind and soul, for overall wellbeing and radiant skin. The perfect addition to your daily ritual.
This Flowering Tea Caddy selection contains 9 Blossoms: 3 x Floral Basket, 3 x Summer Bloom, 3 x Jasmine Wonders. Each bulb comes individually packed and makes one exquisite cup of tea, a sweet and thoughtful gift for a tea lover. Soothing and relaxing, a delicate and floral tea to be enjoyed at any time of the day.

White Tea - The least processed of all tea types, White Tea is renowned for their subtle, delicate flavour and range of health benefits. Extremely rich in beautifying anti-oxidants, it helps to neutralize free radicals while boosting collagen and radiance, a natural youth elixir. It aids digestion and weight loss, boosts metabolism, and lowers cholesterol levels.
Marigold - A powerful medicinal herb traditionally used in a wide range of skin conditions – including eczema and dermatitis. Contains antioxidants, and is known for its anti-Inflammatory, antiseptic, skin healing, digestive-soothing and immune-boosting properties.
Jasmine Blossom – Soothing, calming, and relaxing, Jasmine Blossom is naturally high in antioxidants, soothes mind and body, promotes a sense of well-being and eases stress. Widely used in aromatherapy and beauty treatments for its euphoric, sedative and rejuvenating properties.
Globe Amaranth - Packed with protective antioxidants and a rich source of vitamins and minerals, helps to detoxify the body, support the immune system and promote healthy skin.

Brewing the Perfect Cup of Sanatio Naturalis Flowering Tea:
Infuse 1 tea blossom with 500ML of freshly-boiled water at 100°C
Brew for 5 minutes and enjoy
Each tea bulb can be infused at least twice, and will make a minimum 2 litres of tea. Perfect on its own, a delicious and delicate tea taken without milk and sugar.

White Tea, Marigold, Jasmine Blossom and Globe Amaranth

Store in a cool, dry place.

Net Weight: 70g - (9 Blossoms)
Tasting Notes: Delicate and Floral.
All Natural Ingredients
Suitable for vegans

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