Dried Konyaku - Rice Style, 8 packs

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Konyaku (also known as konjac or konnyaku) is a traditional Japanese food and made from Konyaku root vegetables. It is a convenient and healthy carbohydrate replacement, low in calories, gluten free and vegetarian. It absorbs those flavours from the food cooked with it, making it taste delicious!

It can be used as a healthy alternative to any rice like curry dish, stir fry rice, risotto or paella. You also can put it in salad as well as quinoa, couscous, peas or make some dessert. For any soup dishes such as risotto or paella, you can use it directly without pre-cooking.

1 pack: net weight 80g, prepared weight 380g, 2 servings, cooks in 10 minutes
This product includes 8 packs of Dried Konykua - Rice Style.

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