Dried Ginger Flakes

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SACO Superfoods Dried Ginger Flakes is grated ginger root, dried under the sun, and hand-roasted with raw cane sugar.

3 Star Great Taste 2020 Award winner.

A rich and natural Source of gingerol and anti-oxidants.
Sustainably and Ethically sourced, dried Naturally, Gluten-Free and Vegan (60g Pack)

A versatile ingredient ideal for :
Ginger tea
Ginger shots, smoothies and juice
Nibbling and snacking
Adding to muesli, granola or porridge
Adding to cooking
Baking ginger cakes, flapjacks and snacks

It is traditionally used to increase health in the following areas:

-Improves digestion
-Reduces nausea and sickness
- Relieve bloating
- Relieve inflammations

SACO ETHICAL AFRICAN SUPERFOODS - Based in Manchester, we work closely with small local producers in Africa, to source the very best Ginger Flakes around, 100% natural, ethically produced and 100% artisan. With no artificial flavour added our Ginger Flakes are suitable for vegetarian and vegan diets and are also gluten-free.

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