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60 Capsules -2 month supply

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Our cordyceps are an organically grown, full fruiting body extract. The 10 times concentrated extract means that the 500mg per capsule is equivalent to 5000mg per serving.

Cordyceps are certainly becoming a popular addition to supplement shelves worldwide. They were first brought to public attention in the 1990s after the Chinese Olympic team broke 5 world records, which they attributed to cordyceps improving their athletic performance. However, the benefits of cordyceps have been know for centuries beforehand.

Some of the benefits of Cordyceps include:

- Improved stamina, endurance and respiratory function
Cordyceps increases cellular oxygen absorption by up to 40%
- Cordyceps Improve the functioning of the heart
- Cordyceps help maintain cholesterol
- Fitness - increases ATP synthesis, promotes faster energy recovery, reduces fatigue, improves physical function, provides more stamina.
- Hormones – adrenal thymus, mitochondrial energy.
- Sexual Function - improves libido in men & women, fightsinfertility, increases sperm count, increases sperm survival.

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