Cocoa Husk Tea

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SACO Superfood's Cocoa Husk Tea is 100% natural African Cacao Husk Tea derived from outer shells of premium quality, fairtrade cacao beans.

Health Benefits: Rich in Vitamin A, Zinc, magnesium, anti-oxidants.

Low in caffeine. High in Theobromine.

Contributes to reducing damage caused by free radicals and inflammation, and helps boost the mood.

Suitable for Vegan, Sustainable, Sugar-free

How to use: infuse 1 tsp. in 200 ml of hot water to make Cocoa Husk tea.

You can have it plain or add your favourite milk or sweetener. You can also add other aromas such as vanilla, cinnamon or ginger.

Packaging: compostable pouches

Origins: Saco Superfoods ethically sources their cocoa husk tea from small-scale producers in the Ivory Coast (West Africa) to bring you the best natural ingredients while uplifting the livelihood of rural communities.

Store in a cool dry place

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