Baby Balm - antibacterial and antifungal 120ml

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Our versatile Baby Balm has been specially formulated to remedy even the most sensitive skin of its ailments. Containing entirely natural and only lightly medicinal ingredients, it’s perfect for combating dry and damaged skin on the body, face and feet, moisturising and cleansing as it goes.
Use as a light alternative to baby oil, which is usually petroleum based, perfect for contending with that pesky cradle cap. The Baby Balm also contains Calendula, a known antibacterial and antifungal yet entirely natural ingredient, which allows it to both soothe and heal nappy rash and inflammation associated with dry, flaky skin. Chamomile makes the formula gentle enough for all skin types, including those extremely sensitive.
And, it isn’t just for babies. Use regularly as a fantastic makeup remover, aftershave and face cleanser – truly one for the whole family.

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