G&G Vitamins - Activated Charcoal - 90 Capsules

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-1 month's supply (3-a-day)
-Activated charcoal derived from cocounts
-Suitable for vegetarians and vegans

Our Activated Charcoal provides high-quality active charcoal, derived from coconuts, within a vegan supplement capsule. Activated Charcoal might be a helpful addition to meals which you might find hard to digest or tend to leave you feeling bloated.

We provide our activated charcoal in a vegetable cellulose capsules. The use of a capsule enables us to avoid the addition of any excipients, binders and coatings that are commonly found in tablet supplements.

A vegetable cellulose capsule is designed specifically to break down naturally within the acid of your stomach, ensuring that your body absorbs the nutrients during digestion.

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