An important message:
To all visitors and customers of The Allergy & Free From Shop / Just V Shop

We hope you enjoy using The Allergy & Free From Shop / Just V Shop, and that it provides a unique, beneficial and convenient service.

As owners of The Allergy & Free From Shop / Just V Shop (The Shop), the safety and wellbeing of visiting customers is our highest priority.  Therefore, we must ask that you interact with this service in a responsible way that befits your specific personal needs and circumstances.

To this end, we wish to communicate, with absolute clarity, the critical need for customers using The Shop to take extreme care and to place their health (and the health of anyone they are shopping / buying for) first, at all times.

Therefore, by browsing and buying from The Shop, all customers must understand and accept the following:

The Shop provides an ‘online venue’ for manufacturers of freefrom and plant-based products - of many varying types - to advertise and sell their products.

As such, given the range of products displayed, The Shop’s collection of products - as a whole - is not 100% free from any potential allergen or intolerance trigger, nor is it 100% free from products containing meat.

All visitors to The Shop should be prepared for that fact and consequently use it carefully, taking into account and being responsible for their personal circumstances, including but not limited to their specific health conditions (such as allergies or intolerances), lifestyle choices and / or ethical mindsets (such as veganism or vegetarianism).

The Shop is designed to be relevant and accessible to people with a wide variety of allergies, intolerances and related conditions, as well as people with a range of different lifestyle choices and ethical mindsets.

For example, one customer using The Shop might be allergic to peanuts, whilst another has no issue with peanuts, yet is allergic to cow’s milk.  Another customer using The Shop might recognise themselves as Vegan, whilst someone else might recognise themselves as an Ovo-Vegetarian.  Consequently, each customer will seek a different range of product-types and, therefore, given the broad remit of this service (to suit these varying needs), The Shop will resultantly list products that are both suitable and unsuitable for their needs.

The vendor companies selling products via The Shop will reflect the diversity of the visiting customers.  Therefore, for complete clarity:

There will be products in The Shop that contain the allergen or intolerance trigger that is potentially harmful to you or any other visiting customer.  There will be products in The Shop that will not be applicable to the lifestyle choice or ethical mindset of you or any other visiting customer.

The Shop’s role is to present a diverse range of products that are relevant to its themes.  All visiting customers must recognise that it is their responsibility to liaise with those products in a way that is entirely appropriate to their specific health condition(s), lifestyle choice(s) or ethical mindset(s), or these same criteria for anyone they are buying for.  For example, visiting customers must take responsibility and should comprehensively review any product in line with their personal context before making any purchase, and then again before consuming said product upon its delivery to them.

Without exception, any purchase made via The Shop is a transaction that is solely between a visiting customer and a product vendor.  Any purchase represents a contract between these parties, alone.  We, as Shop owners, are not part of and are excluded from that contract.

Any information or statement offered by any product vendor within The Shop is not endorsed by us as Shop owners.

All visiting customers must understand that no one is more acutely aware of their personal health conditions, lifestyle choices and ethical mindsets, than themselves.  By using and making purchases via The Shop, all customers understand and accept this fact (and all the above points) and will resultantly take full responsibility for all their actions and interactions with The Shop.

Thank you.

The Allergy & Free From Shop / Just V Shop Team


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